Graaf Floris V

Activities and Gatherings

The Order organises about three excursions and gatherings a year besides the ridderdag, occasionally with an overnight stay. In general we visit locations that are associated with Floris V or Saint James. In addition to the cultural aspect, the meetings have a social objective as well. 

One of the locations already visited is the Ridderzaal in the Hague, where the Order is established in the 13th century. For 2013 we plan to visit the City Hall of Haarlem, Duivenvoorde castle, Marnix of Saint Algedonde castle and the city of Gouda.

(photo right image of Saint James) the photo shows a detail of the visited to the Saint James Church in Antwerp)

Saint James church Antwerpen

Tombe of Floris V, Alkmaar. Where his remains lay before they were moved to Rijnsburg.

The Egmond-family, one of the oldest and most powerful families from our patriotic history, with ramifications in pretty much all European Royal houses and courtyards. A family which not only was described by Goethe, but also where Ludwig van Beethoven's Egmont Overture is based on. The castle on den Hoef is one of the largest castles that our country has known, where even children's books were written about.